Branding and communication

About our branding skills: draw logos, write texts, create websites, photograph portraits or events, record podcasts or manage networks, you can see for yourself through our blog and videos. Or ask the people who work with us.

For us, branding and communication stand on a strategic and sociological background. We don't make pretty design for pretty design's sake, we make meaning and purpose, i.e. functional, purposeful and meaningful solutions.


An iconic brand is a form of community religion for us.

We create totems, meaningful brands, not empty labels. Brands with the ambition to express a certain way of thinking and interpreting the world. A brand is a useful tool, but also joy and meaningfulness in everyday life for the owner of the brand and the community.

We are based on community and cultural approaches to branding (sign creation) and the tradition of cultural sociology.

We create new brands and "recharge the meaning" of existing ones. In business, politics and the civil sphere.

Get in touch and we'll get back to you. We'll agree on a mutually agreeable course of action.

Brand expressions

We write texts, create word identities for brands, their stories, blogs, slogans.

We draw logos and graphic identity, prepare templates for all those PowerPoints. We write texts, create verbal identities of brands, their stories, blogs, slogans and so on. We make websites in WordPress, shoot videos, take photos, moderate and record podcasts. We do social networks, management and content.

We prepare the printing of flyers, print ads and billboards, but we also enjoy DIY creations, upcycling, community events and anything quirky that fills the brand with life and with esthetic meaning.

Get in touch and we'll get back to you. We'll agree on a mutually agreeable course of action.

Brand therapy

In cooperation with therapist Aneta Rabadová and consultant Ivana Kohutková, we offer therapeutic intervention in the company, team, management or department management. We believe that the brand, as well as its creators, deserve very good care. On its way, the brand gets lost, goes astray, unconsciously passes by where it is not needed, and is not involved much where it really is needed. So are the people. Sustainable growth is only possible from a healthy foundation.

For any organization undergoing change, planning change or facing challenges and difficulties both at the personnel level and at the level of brand communication they manage.

Get in touch and we'll get back to you. We'll agree on a mutually agreeable course of action.

Brand Manifesto
(and internal communication)

Sometimes you have to clean up in front of your own doorstep. Together with you, we will prepare the Manifesto of your organization, an actionable and meaningful document that will be a functional starting point for internal communication. The meaning of the organization, its goals and tools for achieving them, internal code.

For any organizations and communities that want to find a general agreement on what they represent and what they stand for.

Get in touch and we'll get back to you. We'll agree on a mutually agreeable course of action.

Research and community branding

We prepare research for commercial, political and non-profit organizations. We also prepare them for communities,that address issues of social significance of urgent issues (e.g. neurodiversity and autism, LGBTQI+, artistic communities, feminist groups, local groups, interest associations etc.).


We do non-standardized social reasearch – the one that cannot be arranged into questionnaires, focus group guides or performance metrics. We engage in ethnographic community research and participatory observation. By research we also mean tracing the historical development of meaning: we look for how how people saturate the things around with meaning. No "representative samples" apply here, yet, we still talk about universal categories of human thought and action.

We can tell the duration of the research work and the reward when we understand the problem that you are dealing with.

Describe the research problem you need help with.

Community branding

For us, community development is not a word for grant forms. We work with communities -immerse ourselves in them and express their social identities and demands. We developed the principles of community-based participative branding, and in addition to forming and maintaining communities, we look for ways to support community life.

Community branding is the expression of essence of community and its requirements. Identity, strengthening and expanding reach from below, grass-roots.We see community branding and development as (re-)constructing democracy.

Community branding cannot be separated from understanding and empathizing the community. Therefore we become "new members", whose task is to dive into the life of your community while maintaining a newcomer's distance.

Tell us something about your community: what do you do? Why did you come into existence, what are you struggling with? Whose interests are you trying to defend and promote? Why are your activities failing?

Courses and Consultations

Our courses aren't just about learning. They are about everyday search for meaning and sharing challenges we went and keep on going through. We search for meaning for brands, but also for our communities, friends and ourselves in everything we do. E.g. in educating kids, self-development or philosophy. In our courses we happily cooperate with consultant Ivana Kohutkova and therapist Aneta Rabadova. Ivanou Kohutkovou a terapeutkou Anetou Rabadovou.

Meaning tamers
(meaning in branding and marketing)

How to grasp meaning and use it in creating a brand? How to understand the word "culture" and "interpretive community", how to work with meaning and culture, which the brand materializes on the one hand, and creates and innovates on the other?

For people who have brand in their hands (non-government organizations, business and politicians). A series of theoretical and practical workshops that are the starting point for independent brand management.

max. 8
5 workshops, 120 min. each
5 weeks
individually €400/
organizations upon agreement

If you are interested in the course as an individual or organization, send us a few words about yourself and the expectations you have for the course. We will respond, we promise!

Meaning tamers II.
(deep meaning, mythology, genre logic and imagination)

Advanced course of creating meaning in branding. We work at ther deep level of culture and describe meaning-creation processes of cultural trends on concrete examples. How to explain social crises, revolutions and big cultural changes? What is the role of social movements in them? How do brands take part in them?

A course for courageous people who understand the brand as a tool and field of social change.

max. 8
5 workshops, 120 min. each
5 weeks
individually €600/
organizations upon agreement

The course is a continuation of Meaning tamers I. It may be hard to comprehend for people, who have not worked with meaning categories yet. If you are interested anyway, drop us a few lines about your experience with creating meaning and write about your expectations from the course. We will respond back.

(learning outside of standardized education system)

Unschooling, homeschooling and other forms of learning. Therapeutic accompaniment of parents and children on their way outside the standard educational system in cooperation with therapist Aneta Rabadová. Support group and individual counseling. Joint search for meaningful upbringing and education.

For parents of out-of-the-box children whose gifts seem like a curse. If your child has interests and school is holding them back, different form of education may be ideal. Non-standard forms of learning go hand in hand with non-standard education. And in it we are stronger together and more resistant to questioning and stupid looks.

individually €50/h
join support group €35/h

If you are interested in support, send us a few words about yourself and what you expect from the concelling. We will answer, we promise!

Sign, brand & mark in philosophy and social sciences

This is not a course but a think-tank. Searching for meaning in philosophical and social-scientific traditions of semiotics, hermeneutics and interpretive approaches in social sciences? Which categories of thinking can be re-told with the language of meaning? How are sign (brand) and knowledge related to meaning? How to understand art in terms of meaning and how to understand science as a social movement?

The condition is not an overview of history, terminology and characters, but a desire to think, read, discuss and confront thinking.

Since this is not a course, but passionate debates over coffee, it would be great if you could introduce yourself to us in more depth - your education, schools of thought and favorite texts. What philosophy or social sciences shaped your thinking? What did you read last? Books, scientific articles, blogs? What provokes you in them? What, on the other hand, brings satisfaction?









Not enough? Something else? Drop us a line, and we'll have a talk. We're not afraid of challenges - we experienced so many that they have become our daily bread.