Brands without it are just annoying sounds and images.

Meaning transforms suits into power symbols, streets into scenes of social change, animals into pets, no-name figures into heroes and outlaws, and random passerbys into lovers.

Branding and communication

We create new brands and resuscitate existing ones, from strategic starting points to the display in the experience of a logo, website, flyer, image and word.

Research and community development

Our research is qualitative, purposeful, we do it with the "as best as we can right now" method, and this also applies to our strengthening of communities.

Courses and Consultations

Communication, meaning, brand, but also children's unschooling: a mix of what we live by and what we pass on to you through consultations and courses.

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Kapela Longital doslova v našej kuchyni
Kapela Longital doslova v našej kuchyni
Apr 11, 2024

So Shinou a Danom sme z jedného kopca, z Longitalu (historické pomenovanie oblasti Dlhé diely) a nejak nás život spojil,…

MindGuide má nový web.
MindGuide has a new website.
Feb 12, 2024

MindGuide brand, which is just being born, has a website from us. This time we got our hands on the domain and the finished logo, together with…

Zrejmé k voľbám a tomu, čo znamená domov
Zrejmé about elections and what home means
Oct 11, 2023

The organization Zrejmé, which unites generations and whose mission is reciprocity regardless of age, approached us with a request for a short...

Jana môžete nájsť aj v dielni Novej Cvernovky
You can also find Jan in the Nová Cvernovka workshop
Oct 10, 2023

In addition to working for brands, Jan always enjoyed manual work, creating with his own skilled hands, working with wood. He managed to become…

Rozhovor s nami o unschoolingu pre Denník N
An interview with us about unschooling for Denník N
Oct 10, 2023

You can find the whole article here. For 0.3 percent of children in Slovakia, the beginning of September does not mean anything special. They are children who do not go…

Individuálna psychológia s novou identitou a webom
Individual psychology with a new identity and website
Oct 10, 2023

In the form of half-yearly cooperation, we gradually transformed the Individual Psychology brand into a modern and fresh outfit. We created more than just a design. Our…

Kde vznikajú nové služby pre ľudí na spektre, tam sme aj my!
Where new services are created for people on the spectrum, we are there too!
Aug 4, 2023

A new Counseling Center for parents, children and schools is being created in Záhorí in the town of Gbely. She specializes in families on the autism spectrum and we were lucky enough to be

Prazrnko rastie s Ideology
Prazrnko grows with Ideology
Aug 4, 2023

Once a matter of course, seeing what we put in our belly grow, today it is a rarity. Prazrnko is such a rarity. Is an…

Deti sú náročný klient, no práve to nás bavilo najviac
Children are the most demanding client and we enjoy it
Jun 10, 2023

This project also concerns our family. Anyone who knows us knows that we have a son in individual education. He doesn't go to school,…

Krtkodom je Talpa House a stratégia od nás sa dostáva do života
The Molehouse is Talpa House and the strategy comes to life from us
Jun 8, 2023

Check out Do you remember the brand Krtkodom? So that's her. In a new dress and with a new website. Architect…

Najuletenejší názov pre kaviareň
The coolest name for a coffee shop
May 30, 2023

Chef Pepe and Liliana, his wife, came into our lives by chance. We met at the children's pool at the swimming pool.…

Zrozumiteľne vyjadriť a esteticky zobraziť: tentokrát maľovanie stien
Express clearly and display aesthetically: this time painting the walls
May 5, 2023

We play with the content, with the meaning that words and images hide. We look for the right balance of comprehensibility and beauty in every assignment.…