Brands without it are just annoying sounds and images.

Meaning transforms suits into power symbols, streets into scenes of social change, animals into pets, no-name figures into heroes and outlaws, and random passerbys into lovers.

We fuel brands and communities with the power of meaning.

Branding and communication

We create brands without marketing bullshit: names, logos, stories in images, words and experiences. Understandably, and at the same time creatively. We build the brand in connection with the people who represent it.

Research and community development

We do not enjoy doing research for research's sake, nor for effect. We are fans of expediency, practicality and the "do as you can" method. We are concerned with the management of the question, not the correct answers.

Kurzy a konzultácie

Communication, brand, work with meaning, self-development, but also children's unschooling: a mix of what we live by, what we have gained in experience and are able and willing to pass on to you.

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Kde vznikajú nové služby pre ľudí na spektre, tam sme aj my!
Where new services are created for people on the spectrum, we are there too!
Aug 4, 2023

Na Záhorí v meste Gbely vzniká nová Poradňa pre rodičov, deti a školy. Je špecializovaná na rodiny na spektre autizmu…

Prazrnko rastie s Ideology
Prazrnko grows with Ideology
Aug 4, 2023

Kedysi samozrejmá vec, vidieť rásť to, čo si dávame do brucha, dnes je to vzácnosť. Prazrnko je takáto vzácnosť. Je…

Deti sú náročný klient, no práve to nás bavilo najviac
Children are the most demanding client and we enjoy it
Jun 10, 2023

This project also concerns our family. Anyone who knows us knows that we have a son in individual education. He doesn't go to school,…

Krtkodom je Talpa House a stratégia od nás sa dostáva do života
The Molehouse is Talpa House and the strategy comes to life from us
Jun 8, 2023

Check out Do you remember the brand Krtkodom? So that's her. In a new dress and with a new website. Architect…

Najuletenejší názov pre kaviareň
The coolest name for a coffee shop
May 30, 2023

Chef Pepe and Liliana, his wife, came into our lives by chance. We met at the children's pool at the swimming pool.…

Zrozumiteľne vyjadriť a esteticky zobraziť: tentokrát maľovanie stien
Express clearly and display aesthetically: this time painting the walls
May 5, 2023

We play with the content, with the meaning that words and images hide. We look for the right balance of comprehensibility and beauty in every assignment.…

Prvá etapa výskumu zameraného na ľudí s Downovým syndrómom je hotová!
The first stage of research focused on people with Down syndrome is complete!
Apr 20, 2023

In cooperation with the community of families and people with Down syndrome, we are conducting research in these weeks. The first stage was focused on…

Úsvit všetkého: chcieť vidieť možnosti
The Down of Everything: see the possibilities
Apr 11, 2023

There is a Slovak edition of The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber and David Wengrow. The book, which - since its publication...

Záujem a ako ho vyvolať. Nie len na deň autizmu.
Interest and how to arouse it. Not just for autism day.
Apr 2, 2023

Today is April 2nd, International Autism Day. It's a day of awareness. For me, enlightenment is creating interest where there is interest…

Od polyteizmu k vede a späť: k značkám
From polytheism to science and back: to brands
Feb 27, 2023

As simple as it sounds, I think that the challenge of social science that it is going through today can be summed up like this: they thought…

Anarchist Brand Modelling
Anarchism: modeling a brand through community
Feb 22, 2023

"The best clients are those who know their brands, who know what the brands stand for and what they express, he once told me...

Značka, ktorá neovládla masy, len svojich manažérov
A brand that did not control the masses, only its managers
Feb 4, 2023

It saddens me to see communities fall. Well, I haven't experienced a situation where this happens because of a loss of meaning in the community...