Brands without it are just annoying sounds and images.

Meaning transforms suits into power symbols, streets into scenes of social change, animals into pets, no-name figures into heroes and outlaws, and random passerbys into lovers.

We fuel brands and communities with the power of meaning.

Courses and trainings

Discover the meaning that brings a brand to people. Learn to use meaning: the most powerful tool in commercial, political and activist marketing. On your own skin and on your own brand. Practice communicating needs and boundaries directly. Find a companion on non-standard paths in educating your children. Enjoy passionate discussions about the brand's philosophy.  

For people who have the courage to exceed the standard. In marketing, education, upbringing and self-development.

Research and community development

Getting to know meaning is to cross the limit of words and search for what is hidden between the lines. Not to ask questions from a questionnaire, but to understand questions people ask themselves and why exactly these.

We enter the world of communities, diving into shared understandings of the world. We develop communities and promote their topics towards general public.

Branding and communication

From community to cultural branding. We'll draw, print, write, shoot, record, moderate, film and share. We'll play with DIY branding and upcycling. We'll use what is at hand just like what you can do yourself. We will clean up and direct the brand in a meaningful way.

The most powerful brands are rooted in faith and conviction of their devotees. Not those with polished commercials.

Our YouTube channel:

"There's no interest without meaning, there's no brand without meaning."

Myron of Eleutherae (or someone else)

Most recent blogs:

Zabudnuté tváre komunitnej značky
Forgotten faces of community brand
Jan 29, 2023

Čítam článok zo Social Semiotics, 2017: G. Rossolatos o brand image a celú tú debatu v Pierceovej línii sémiotiky značky…

Pečú sa u nás nové spolupráce a služby
We are preparing new collaborations and services
Dec 19, 2022

We wish you the holidays as you want them to be. We want them to be full of worki, but quiet work. We are not...

Budúcnosť už bola a ten „klient“ je spoločnosť
The future has already been and that "client" is the society
Nov 7, 2022

It wasn't that long ago that corporations were happy to communicate the general promise of fulfillment, joy, abundance and instant solutions to problems...

Rozhovor o význame faktov a príbehov
A conversation about the meaning of facts and stories
Sep 26, 2022

Another one of our partner interviews. We really enjoy talking. If someone enjoys listening to it, it's like being…

Prímerie ako terapeutický priestor
Prímerie as a therapeutic space
Sep 17, 2022

We found her world of meaning for Aneta, and its first appearance is the new website. Aneta came to us with...

Jeden človek + jedno svetlo, 2. časť: lineárna diagonála a význam
One person + one light, part 2: linear diagonal and meaning
Jun 26, 2022

I continue the reasoning I indicated in the previous blog. Linear light: a narrow band of distinctive light that is not usually used in…

O fotke
About photography
Jun 24, 2022

When photography appeared and spread in the 19th century, the fear of the end of painting came with it. It wasn't a technical…

Spor Depp vs. Heard: toxické existencie?  
The Depp vs. Heard: toxic existence?  
Jun 15, 2022

Live stream of the globally watched trial Johnny vs. Amber is over. With his verdict, several...

Nebojíme sa zahorieť.
We are not afraid to burn
Jun 10, 2022

It will soon be ten years since we decided to work independently. Until then, we sold part of our personal freedom for the security of a salary.…

Kultúrna inovácia: senzoricky priateľské podujatie
Cultural innovation: a sensory-friendly event
May 26, 2022

We had the opportunity to participate in the preparation of a sensory-friendly event, and we enjoyed this a lot! Bringing opportunities that change the experienced…

Je na svete prvá Škola bez návodu.
The world's first school without the manual
Feb 15, 2022

The concept of #beznávodu (without manual), which first gave rise to the Podcast series, later the portal - live with people with Asperger's...

Kultúrne-sociologický pohľad na značku v sérií vysvetľujúci videí od Popařa.
A cultural-sociological view of the brand in a series of explanatory videos from Popař.
Feb 15, 2022

Whatever you like, we have created a series of videos about the cultural-sociological view of the brand, symbol, sign for your enjoyment and good feeling.