Prazrnko grows with Ideology

Once a matter of course, seeing what we put in our belly grow, today it is a rarity. Prazrnko is such a rarity. It is a double grain, wheat that is well tolerated even by the most sensitive and at the same time retains an excellent taste, no unpleasant "substitute".

It is a wonderful experience to work together on this brand. Our job is to manage it Facebook and Instagram and convey this experience to other people. Prazrnko will soon grow, a new bistro, dining room is being created, we ourselves are curious where its hardworking owners will take it.

This is what the Prazrnka field looks like just before the harvest. The field is located in Myjavské Kopanice, not far from Bratislava and yet it seems like a magical untouched place somewhere far away at the end of the world.