Children are the most demanding client and we enjoy it

This project also concerns our family. Anyone who knows us knows that we have a son in individual education. He does not go to school because our schools are not for all children. He learns independently, according to his interests. We try to create as many opportunities as possible for him to meet friends, get to know new places and situations. Well, we are looking for a space for the community of children around us - Zázemie (Background).

We are not looking for a space for formal learning, or educational groups, but space for meeting, playing games, talking, social learning. Children in this community range from 7 to 15 years old and are able to follow the rules. They know well what freedom is and what responsibility is. You can find more about what we are looking for and who it is for in this article. If you feel like it, share it, maybe the project will catch the eye of someone who will want to help.

The name Zázemie is based on the belief that every person needs a starting point in life. At first it is the family, but later the field expands and children start kindergarten and school. For us, this starting point is a community of families and friends. From this background, our children grow and step out into the world. Here they draw strength, self-confidence, support. Here they can experiment, make mistakes, try.

The logo is based on the gaming world, reminds Minecraft but also various logic and board games, puzzles, or labyrinths. The color also corresponds to the game world, its task is not to appeal to adults, but to children. You can continue to play with it and change it, according to taste and need.