A cultural-sociological view of the brand in a series of explanatory videos from Popař.

Whatever you like, we created for joy and a good feeling series of videos about the cultural-sociological view of the brand, sign, designation. Maybe in the end it won't be just for us, but for other people who don't see the brand as just manipulation, but see the brand more broadly, as an interpretation of the world. This is what we enjoy, this is what nourishes us, this is what we explore and discover, even in the works of the classics. For example, with Durkheim, but also in the most up-to-date knowledge of cultural sociology.

The videos present a cultural-sociological view of the brand, symbol and sign, and their place in the process of creating meaning, or even better, the performativity of the symbol. It sounds academic and professional, but in our opinion it belongs to normal practice and normal life. We are not done, we continue and will bring more practical examples that this knowledge has a tangible impact.

The first video is in English, the others are in Slovak with subtitles, there are five of them and they form the basis for further playing with the topic of the brand from a sociological perspective.