We prepared a Manifesto for Nová Cvernovka, an artistic community and cultural center.

Together with team Cvernovka Foundation and members of the artistic community Nova Cvernovka, we created their joint Manifesto in three workshops. It was exciting, because it seemed impossible to harmonize such a differentiated group full of diverse interests and professions. In the end, we succeeded. And the manifesto is not just a list of values, the meaning of which will change over time and opportunities. It captures their story. The story of who they are and what they become when they do what they do every day. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Cvernovka.

We also found ourselves in this situation: "Being someone together limits us as much as the idea that things are given." We are always changing, shaping what can be and inspiring change. Nová Cvernovka is an experimental space of everyday culture and everyday culture. We are writing a fulfilling and sustainable story of 21st century society."