The coolest name for a coffee shop

Chef Pepe and Liliana, his wife, came into our lives by chance. We met at the children's pool at the swimming pool. At that time, Pepe left the corporate business and started to devote himself to cakes - baking and cooking. Together they were preparing for the home education of their little daughter.

A few years later we reconnected. We liked their effort to take home education to another level, their Wise Kingdom made sense to us (online teaching for children on home education). And we were even more pleased when they approached us with the task of inventing the name of their joint cafe. It's not just any cafe, it's a combination of their two worlds, Pepe's cooking creativity and Liliana's dynamic, communicative and playful personality. On site you will find refreshments, goodies, a small shop with healthy and quality food, and also a community space designed for sharing diverse experiences.

We offered them 10 options, from the most miraculous to the descriptive ones. Milo surprised us when they both decided on the craziest one: Pli Pli. A playful novelty, a bit of an interjection, but the basis is clearly "P" and "Li", i.e. the combination of Peter and Liliana. This name was not about the content of the word, but rather about the association, the feeling that the sound evokes when Pli Pli is pronounced. The feeling is soft and cheerfully pleasant. These days, Pli Pli has also found itself on the front door, so if you feel like it, go and be treated to Rovinka, right next to the church.