The Molehouse is Talpa House and the strategy comes to life from us

Do you remember the Krtkodom brand? So that's her. In a new dress and with a new website. Architect Martin likes to do things himself, he is a restless, stubborn and witty guy who was a pleasure to work with.

We created a strategy for him, but since there cannot be a more empty word than strategy, we prefer to say that we are together we mapped out meanings of his brand and people taht buy his brand. Martin made several important and courageous decisions, and we continue to keep our fingers crossed for him. If you are considering building a house, be sure to visit his website, you will be pleasantly surprised by what grows in Slovakia.

Martin: "Thanks for help. Much of your work has made its way onto the web. I was relieved that I could rely more on the smart ones and I could devote myself to my profession."